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Our Mission: To provide parents with the most comprehensive source of quantitative and qualitative information about youth soccer clubs and coaches in the United States.


Our Vision: To create the most respected community of soccer parents in the United States. 



Require Brilliance



Why Brilliant?

When our daughter first started playing competitive soccer, she had a coach who would yell “Brilliant!” whenever she or a teammate made an incredible play on the field. He was (and still is) a fantastic coach, and the girls just beamed with pride whenever he yelled it during a practice or game.


Hearing “Brilliant!” tells us two things about clubs and coaches. First, “Brilliant!” means a child just did something great. This indicates that clubs and coaches use systems that develop kids’ soccer skills. Second, “Brilliant!” means that a child just received a compliment. This reveals that clubs and coaches provide positive feedback to kids.


We want to promote clubs and coaches that develop kids’ skills while using positive feedback. Neither characteristic alone is enough to denote brilliance. We have seen and heard of coaches who have great knowledge of the game but demean kids and call them names. We have also come across genuinely nice coaches who don’t have the soccer expertise required to coach.


How do we find brilliance?

As parents, we know from experience how difficult it is to find good soccer clubs and coaches for children. Parents have two information sources when trying to find information about clubs and coaches: club websites and parents who know more about the coaches and clubs. Club websites provide limited information such as pictures and coach certifications, but this information is of limited value to parents. Promoting pictures of teams winning tournaments does not guarantee that the club or coach is a good fit for all children.  


So that leaves parents to find information from other parents, and this is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. And if you are lucky enough to find someone who knows anything about a club or coach, you have found an opinion—but it’s just one opinion.


We designed this website so parents have a resource to help them make better decisions for their children. As parents, we all spend a great deal of money and time on youth soccer. Forget just the club dues. If we add up the driving, the time spent watching practices and games, tournament fees, and club dues, we can easily spend thousands of dollars per year. And two or three times that if you have multiple children.


We hope our website helps other parents find Brilliant clubs and coaches who effectively develop our kids. As parents, we are all in this together. Please help us spread the word about Brilliant clubs and coaches. The more information we all have, the better decisions we can make about the well-being of our children.