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Yes, it’s a beautiful game, but remember that we are talking about a game played by our kids! Let’s act like adults when posting reviews. If some reviewers are not acting like adults, respond to their reviews. And just like we should not tolerate any bullies on the sidelines, we should also not tolerate any bullies as reviewers. Please keep these guidelines in mind:

  1. Do not post offensive content. This includes both language and images.

  2. Focus on behaviors and facts. Stick to the facts. No matter how upset you might be, do not resort to name-calling. We are better than that.

  3. Be respectful of other opinions. We will not all agree about all aspects of clubs and coaches. Please respect the opinions of others.

  4. Conflicts of interest. Do not post a review of a club or coach if you are a competing club or coach.

  5. Understand others will view your comments. When you post your reviews and comments, understand that other parents, club employees, and coaches may view this information.

  6. Do not post sexually explicit images. Enough said.

  7. Protecting the privacy of young children is our priority. Protecting children is one of the primary drivers that led us to create this website. Do not post any information that would violate the privacy of ANY child.

  8. Do not collect screen names or email addresses for any commercial use.

  9. Do not use personal information from our website about any member of our community (including BrilliantClubs employees) to repeatedly contact, stalk or harass any member.

  10. Be aware that anything you post will be visible to all users of BrilliantClubs and could end up anywhere on the Internet. By using this website, you accept full responsibility for any comments that you provide.

  11. Do not post anything that includes harmful code.

  12. Do not post advertisements.

  13. Obey our laws. Do not use our website to violate any U.S. or international law.

  14. Do not impersonate or misrepresent who you are. Do not pretend that you are another parent, coach, or club employee.

  15. Do not repost deleted content. If we delete your content, we did it for a reason. Do not repost it.

  16. Do not post promotional content or links.

  17. Privacy. Do not post images or names of other individuals without their permission.

  18. Report problems to us as soon as you can.

  19. When you post to our website, you grant us permission to allow us reuse and repurpose the content in any way we feel necessary.

  20. We do not review all posts. If you feel that something is inappropriate, please mark it as such. We will review it.

  21. We reserve the right to delete any content posted to our website. We have the ability to delete content, but we will only do so rarely. If you disagree with something, reply to the comment. That’s why we included this function.