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Dear Parents,

About five years ago my wife and I decided that we no longer had the knowledge to coach our daughter’s recreational soccer team, so we set out to find a “competitive” team for her. It did not take us long to realize that looking for a soccer club can be really confusing for parents. Moreover, we quickly recognized that club soccer is much more serious than we ever experienced as kids. Before we knew it, we were buying branded uniforms, driving to practice several nights a week, and checking league standings for possible relegation. We even found ourselves on an airplane for her soccer games. And our daughter was 12.


Many years ago (more than we’d like to admit), we met while playing basketball at a small Division II college. We were by no means at the pinnacle of college athletics, but our experiences shaped our ideas about sports. After several years of watching club soccer, we have learned that some soccer clubs are almost as competitive as college athletics. While some parents welcome this competitiveness, others might not. Clubs are different, coaches are different, parents are different, and kids are different.


We started this website to help parents like us navigate the mysterious world of club soccer. Helping parents find the best clubs and coaches for their families increases the likelihood that their kids enjoy their experiences. Happy kids will play longer, which keeps them physically active.


You know that girl we mentioned in the first paragraph? After five years of playing for one of the top teams in Arizona, she decided she had enough of the sport. It turns out that playing the same position on the same team for the same coach might burn out a kid. We did not want this to happen, and neither should you. Finding good clubs and coaches who prioritize child development over winning will help in this process.


Our interests are not commercial. I am a business school professor who studies corporate governance and data analysis in the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. You could say that this hobby matches up pretty well with my day job. (Click here to see my Google Scholar profile


Finally, you can rest assured that we are not affiliated with any coaches or clubs. We hope you will pass the word on to your friends and invite them to visit our site.