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Clay County Soccer Club

Fleming Island, Florida 32003
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This club values winning over anything else. They love their bully coaches. They refuse to even talk to kids that have been abused by a winning coach. They talk to the bully and the parents of kids who support the coach. They break their own rules by not addressing written complaints. An elementary school child with straight A's gets bullied and his teachers notice how it affects him. But this association doesn't care as long as the coach wins. CCS should have talked to the child and made the coach apologize. That would have been easy. Instead they back the coach who would glare at the child every time he came on the pitch. The kids under the bully coach were encouraged to shame a 10 year old. A young soccer lover now hates the game. CCS should be ashamed, but they rejoice in winning coaches. That coach won't even shake hands if he loses a game. He was red-carded coaching 8 year olds in a "friendly". Other parents have complained about different coaches bullying behavior. It is the CCS way. They hope that winning will be worth the loss of self-esteem. Bully coach now has adolescents under him. How risky for those boys to be subjected to that type of behavior!