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My child has been a part of Lonestar since age 9, their Club Academy. Over the last 7 years Lonestar has done a very good job of offering a platform for many levels of soccer. Unfortunately, the club does not spend time with individual development. Each "Player Eval" that my kid has had, lacks specific areas of strength, weakness and direction on how to work on those specific areas of weakness. Therefore, we have to spend additional dollars for personal training. Even then, Lonestar will not collaborate with the personal trainers to give input to help maximize the workouts so the kids can develop. We have had multiple coaches over the past 7 years. Each coach approached the team and game differently and I personally can't think of a negative thing to say about any individual coach. The price tag is too high for not getting coordinated individual development.
This club is nothing more than a pyramid scheme for 2 or 3 coaches at the top. The do not win, develop players or even an fair. They have bought up and hired any coach and club withing 100 miles who has a D license or above. Far more energy goes into ruining their Competition than building their own talent. English long ball in its purest form and 2500 dollar tuition for a club with 6000 kids.